San Diego, California-based SureBeam Corporation, its majority stockholder The Titan Corporation and Ion Beam Applications (IBA) of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, announced today that they have amicably resolved the litigation between the two companies.

Under the terms of the settlement, IBA has dropped its challenge to the validity and enforceability of SureBeam’s core system patent, and SureBeam and Titan have agreed that IBA and its customers may continue to operate or use IBA’s electronic irradiation sterilization facility in Bridgeport, New Jersey.

Both companies have also entered into a commercial business arrangement assuring that they will be able to continue to provide their customers with electronic irradiation sterilization facilities and services. Terms of the settlement included, among others, that except for pallet irradiation systems, IBA will in the U.S. purchase material handling systems from SureBeam/Titan for the next four years unless SureBeam/Titan is unwilling or unable to provide its systems on competitive terms. In that event, IBA may, if it so chooses, make or subcontract such material handling systems using its Bridgeport design.

SureBeam/Titan also agrees to purchase accelerators above 150 kW from IBA for the same four-year period, unless IBA is unwilling or unable to provide its accelerators on competitive terms. Other terms of the settlement agreement were not disclosed.

The parties indicated that they would make no further comments regarding the lawsuit or the settlement.