US casual dining chain T.G.I. Friday’s has announced a partnership with Atkins Nutritionals to offer Atkins-approved menu items at its restaurants.

From this week, the low-carbohydrate menu options will be available at the chain’s more than 520 US restaurants. The companies said that 19% of frequent restaurant patrons in the casual dining segment are currently following the Atkins diet plan.

Richard Snead, CEO of T.G.I. Friday’s parent company Carlson Restaurants Worldwide, said the partnership would enable customers to make low carbohydrate food choices outside the home.

“The Friday’s menu gives us a new platform to communicate that the Atkins Nutritional Approach isn’t about eliminating important food groups like vegetables, rather it’s about making the most healthful choices possible when trying to limit your carbohydrate intake, especially while dining out,” added Colette Heimowitz, vice president of education and research for Atkins.