Four consumers who discovered blood on their meals at a Taco Bell restaurant have been awarded compensation by a Dane County (Wisconsin) jury.

The jurors awarded damages to Charles Igl (US$3791), his sons Adam (US$1125) and Jonathan (US$475), Lisa Steinberg (US$2,104) and her son Nathan (US$475), for the emotional distress caused by the incident.

Adam Igl had already eaten one taco before the blood was discovered on the inside of the wrapper he was about to eat, the judge heard.

Attorney Greg Meeker, representing the two families, maintained that the incident was “absolutely revolting” and had asked for awards of US$10,000 to be made to each of the plaintiffs.

Admitting liability, Taco Bell explained that a restaurant worker had continued to prepare food despite cutting himself. Attorney Andrew Miller, who represented the company, told the court that while the incident should not have happened, the distress of the customers involved was not great enough to warrant larger compensation payments.