US baker Tasty Baking is introducing six sugar-free products that target calorie counters and diabetics.

The Philadelphia-based company is aiming its new lines squarely at diabetics, low-carb dieters and other calorie-conscious consumers. Retailing under the Sensables brand, the new line is appealing to the growing number of consumers who are watching their waistline.

Diabetics have long been a core market for specialist food products. The company estimates that one million people have diabetes in its core Mid-Atlantic market.

The new Sensables range from 100 to 180 calories per serving, compared with 320 calories for Butterscotch Krimpets or 270 calories for Peanut Butter KandyKakes – two of Tasty Baking’s top sellers. They also contain zero grams of sugar and between four to eight net grams of carbohydrates per serving, according to the company.

Some diabetic associations do not approve of specialist foods, recommending instead a balanced diet with low fat, alcohol and salt as well as sugar. To read a recent feature on this subject, click here.