Everything About Food is an innovative and informative gateway to the world of food, providing the most current food and nutritional news, links to today’s top food sites and unique recipes. This week they present a special holiday recipe — The Perfect Holiday Ham, a Baked Glazed Ham with Holiday Horseradish Sauce.

“My family and guests were so impressed by the flavor of the Baked Glazed Ham that everybody insisted we make it a holiday tradition!” says Evelyn Reese, a homemaker in California. Ron Gabel, retired Senior Food Technologist formerly with Lawry’s(TM), offered this comment on the holiday horseradish sauce; “It tastes somewhat milder than regular horseradish sauce and has a nice earthy flavor imparted by the beets — an excellent condiment for ham. It especially tastes good on all those hard-boiled Easter eggs!”

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