This year’s Food Marketing Institute Show in Chicago was a chance for US companies to showcase their latest launches. With people spending less time in kitchen, an average of eight minutes, convenience was a major theme. Added health benefits, especially products designed for women, was highlighted in the form of cereal bars. Novelty value for children was a major influence in the confectionery market. Premium value mirrored the trend for indulgence. Datamonitor‘s Worldwide Innovations Network, the online new product tracking database, visited the show and reports on the significant introductions across the Atlantic.

Kraft Foods has launched Boca Burgers, made with organic soy, Boca Sausages and Boca Chick’n Patties. The products are lower in fat and calories compared to their meat alternatives. Oasis Bar is a new cereal bar for women, with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The company also adds Chips Ahoy! with candy blasts and peanut butter to its range of cookies.

Frito-Lay has introduced Bistro Gourmet Potato Chips in four indulgent varieties, namely roasted garlic & herb, applewood BBQ & smoked cheddar, sharp cheddar & jalapeño and classic garlic & ground pepper.

Campbell’s Supper Bakes are said to offer a “true homemade taste” in 30 minutes. Taking five minutes to prepare, the meal kits provide seasoning, baking sauce and crumb topping and simply require meat. The four variants are herb chicken with rice, savoury pork chops with herb stuffing, garlic chicken & pasta and lemon chicken with herb rice.

Seeds of Change has added four organic salad dressings, six organic rice & grain side dishes and an organic tomato ketchup to its portfolio.

Sara Lee has introduced a pepperoni & three cheese variant to its Calzone Creations range and a triple chocolate version to its premium Cheesecake Bites range. The company has launched a range of premium mustards in flavours like cranberry honey.

The Foreign Candy Company has released Torture Scorchers under the Mega Warheads brand name. The “intensely hot” sweets are coated in cayenne pepper and come in Lemon-Lime Lava, Raspberry Rage, Cherry Combustion and Tangerine Torcher varieties.

Mistic Brands has added tropical fruit punch, peach and grape & strawberry juice drinks to its range in new-look bottles.

Mountain Dew, from Pepsi-Cola is to be launched in a new berry variant called Code Red in October 2001.

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