According to a recent Tupperware survey, Americans spend much of their time in the supermarket trying to be cost-conscious. The latest Tupperware poll shows that more than three-quarters (77%) of Americans go to the grocery store at least once a week, many armed with their sale flyers and coupon clippings in hand. But more often than not, many people leave stores with the sinking feeling that they spent more money than they should have.

As many as 78% of those polled show their thriftiness by using coupons or waiting for items to go on sale before purchasing. In addition, the majority of shoppers (62%) sometimes invest in the bargain that comes with buying items in bulk. However, even with all of this preparation, an astonishing 93% of Americans claim that they still buy more than what they had originally intended.

While buying in bulk and shopping once a week can save time and money, food can often lose its freshness soon after it’s brought home. Waste is a major problem in American homes; food can go stale if it is not properly stored immediately after purchase. Tupperware® Modular Mates containers create a perfect system for organization of dry goods with see-through containers and labels to help keep your cabinets orderly and free of clutter for optimum food storage and organization system.

According to the poll, men and women differ in how long they actually spend in the supermarket. Running in and out of the store for a quick purchase is more common of men than women. The survey found that twice as many men would go into a grocery store for fifteen minutes or less. But as for planning, both sexes attempt to prepare well for the big grocery shopping day with more than three-quarters of men (77%) and even more women (84%) reporting they have prepared shopping lists.

Americans are creatures of habit, who tend to stick to what we know when it comes to name brands and types of food. Both men and women are hesitant to break their usual grocery shopping routine, with only 26% of those polled buying a wide variety of foods and brands, compared to the 72% who say they always or often purchase the same items every time they go food shopping.

This Tupperware report presents the findings of a telephone survey conducted among a national probability sample of 831 adults responsible for grocery shopping, men and women, 18 years of age or older, living in private households in the continental United States. Opinion Research Corporation International of Princeton, NJ conducted the interviewing during the period of July 20-23, 2000.

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