Company Completes Engineering and Design of New Technology for the U.S. Army

POWAY, Calif./PRNewswire/ — Ontro, Inc. (Nasdaq: ONTR – news) announced today that, pursuant to a “notification requirement” in the company’s contract with the U.S. Army, Ontro is seeking patent protection for the self-heating group ration technology that Ontro is developing.

Ontro has developed a patented technology for producing a fully contained, self-heating container. Ontro has expanded its technology to produce the Self-Contained Reactant Bed (SCRB). Ontro’s goal is to provide an Army unit of 12-18 soldiers a four course hot meal within a 30-minute time frame.

Dr. Slocum, Vice President of Science and Engineering at Ontro, Inc. said, “The technology that we have engineered, designed, developed and tested in our laboratory is expected to meet or exceed the requirements specified by the Remote Unit Self-Heating Meals team (”RUSHM“). This technology incorporates the solid reactants and the water delivery system into a complete unit known as the SCRB. We were required under contract to notify the Soldier, Biological and Chemical Command of patent intention and therefore have formally done so.”

“We believe there are significant potential commercial uses for this technology in both military and civilian applications,” said James Scudder, President and CEO of Ontro. “Ontro has developed the SCRB which successfully heated products such as chili with beans and beef chunks with noodles. In the future we envision developing self-heating trays and bowls for retail consumers with thicker type products like pasta dishes, chile with beans, and thick & chunky soups. The final phase of our Army contract requires us to deliver prototypes to the U.S. Army.”


Ontro, Inc., founded in 1994 to engage in the research and development of integrated thermal containers, has been focused primarily to date developing self-heating containers for beverages and soups for major food manufacturers who have expressed interest in marketing their brands using Ontro’s technology.

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