Among the Patents granted by the USA Government on 16th January, 19 are Food related.

  1. Bestfoods. Container for microwave cooking of food products containing liquids

  2. The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of  Agriculture. Altering wheat dough viscoelasticity with modified glutenins

  3. Roebic Laboratories, Inc. Enzyme-producing strain of Bacillus bacteria.

  4. Raisio Benecol, Ltd. Substance for lowering high cholesterol level in serum and methods for preparing and using the same.

  5. Opta Food Ingredients, Inc. Gluten-derived colloidal dispersions and edible coatings therefrom and method of making.

  6. Kemin Industries Inc. Method for increasing breast meat yields in poultry.

  7. Kraft Foods, Inc. Instant particulate dry mix composition for producing a cappuccino beverage having a marbled foam.

  8. General Mills, Inc.  Dough forming apparatus and methods.

  9. Nestec S.A. Soft coating for ice confectionery.

  10. Nestic S.A. Encapsulated liquid product.

  11. General Mills, Inc. R-T-E cereals with calcium containing pre-sweetener coating and method of  preparation.

  12. Method for improving the sinkability of fish food pellets.

  13. Griffin Industries, Inc. Process for preparing a nutritional supplement.

  14. Seabright Corporation Limited. Antifreeze polypeptide-expressing microorganisms useful in fermentation and frozen storage of foods.

  15. PMS Mood Food, Inc. Dietary supplements and food products for treating symptoms of PMS.

  16. Fuisz Technologies Ltd.  Breath Freshening chewing gum with encapsulations.

  17. General Mills, Inc. Package including a separately formed premium tray.

  18. Premark WB Holdings, Inc. Roaster.

  19. Nestec Ltd. Method for providing nutrition to elderly patients.

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By Navroz Havewala, correspondent