An official from the US Department of Agriculture has said that the recent outbreak of bird flu in Texas appears to have been contained.

An outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N2 strain of bird flu was discovered last month at a farm about 50 miles from San Antonio in Texas. The strain’s highly pathogenic status means that it is very infectious and has a high fatality rate amongst infected birds, but this particular strain is not believed to be transmissible to humans.

“It appears to be that we’ve contained it,” USDA undersecretary Bill Hawks was quoted by Reuters as saying. Hawks added that testing and surveillance of poultry farms within a five-mile radius of the infected farm has not found any further cases of the virus. The testing has now been expanded to farms within a ten-mile radius.

The outbreak led to several countries, including Mexico, Japan, South Korea and the EU, placing restrictions on imports of US poultry.