CANTON, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 14, 2001–Veal USA announced today it will launch a nationwide marketing program to promote the many benefits of veal and dispel misconceptions about the veal industry.

After an extended period of declining sales, largely due to misconceptions about animal welfare, veal consumption is making a comeback this year, steadily gaining menu popularity in salads, appetizers and entrees at both dinner-chain and upscale restaurants alike.

“We’re seizing the momentum created by celebrity chefs, nutritionists and cookbook authors who consider veal the epitome of fine dining and who promote veal as delicious, nutritious and steeped in Italian, French and Eastern European ethnic tradition,” said Bob Cochrell, Veal USA President. “We knew that when veal tenderloins were served at the 2001 Academy Awards, by Wolfgang Puck, to rave reviews, the time was right for veal to get back in the limelight.”

In addition to raising awareness about the benefits of veal and the humane treatment of calves, another goal of Veal USA is to create a master brand, somewhat like that of Certified Angus Beef.

“Just as consumers are willing to pay more for Certified Angus Beef, because it represents higher graded quality beef, Veal USA is working with Dr. Bill Henning, of Pennsylania State University, and other leading meat scientists, to create a veal grading system that will assure consumers and restaurateurs of a consistently superior veal quality dining experience,” said Marion Miller, Vice President of Veal USA.

Other aims of Veal USA’s broad-based marketing program will be to establish and enforce the most gentle care animal production system and promote veal’s unique flavor, versatility, value, ease of preparation, low cholesterol and unsurpassed track record of food safety.

“Veal USA is working hard every day to establish personal relationships with members of the culinary industry and open doors for U.S. produced milk-fed veal,” Cochrell said. “We need to set the record straight for those dedicated family farmers who put their hearts and souls into tenderly caring for each individual veal bull calf, typically for five full months, in order to produce the most tender, succulent and delectable of meats.”

For more information about Veal USA and milk-fed veal, please call Toll Free – 866/VEAL-USA (866/832-5872) or email: