, Inc.,(a Delaware Corporation), Wednesday announced that it has provided an additional $380,000 of working capital to Gramerica International.

Gramerica Food Company, Inc. is a Nevada corporation holding company established to acquire and consolidate its food company operations.

From doughnuts, pies, cookies, cakes and bagels to products such as corn chips, tortilla chips, nuts and potato chips, the American snack food industry is a multi-billion dollar market in the United States alone. Gramerica’s goal is to capitalize on this ever-increasing market, providing for greater diversity in product manufacturing and food services, while implementing a management methodology that adds a notable hedge against inherent risks, greater profitability and corporate stability.

Gramerica’s major producers and/or distributors include Frito-Lay, Hostess, Dolly Madison, Sara Lee and J.J. Snacks and other nationally known labels that control the majority of the industry.

In May of 1999, Gramerica solidified a contract for food production for Wal-Mart. “The working capital was provided in part by, Inc. and Billington Resources, LLC,” said Michael Brette, chairman and president of, Inc. specializes in providing financing and management expertise to pre-public and public emerging growth companies, demonstrating a high-growth potential. The core of the company’s business is bringing together companies and value-seeking investors an opportunity for substantial returns, while helping the most promising companies realize their visions for the future., Inc., is a venture capital firm that specializes in funding early stage and first round financing for consumer and technology-based companies. For further information, contact Tammy Billington in shareholder relations at 909/693-1644.

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