Soup maker Vermont Country Soup has announced the launch of its soup selection made with rice starch, rather than corn starch, as a key ingredient in the recipe.

Vermont Country Soup is the first to introduce rice starch as its “secret” ingredient, enabling customers to fully enjoy the classic homemade flavours that come through more easily, it said.

“Rice starches are known for their very clean taste profile, which will not interfere with the final flavour of a product,” said Peter Thomson, president of Vermont Country Soups. “The flavours and ingredients come through much cleaner and quicker on the palate, enabling the all-natural ingredients to be fully recognized and savored.”

“Another important feature of rice starch is its easy digestibility,” said Dr Abe Bakal, food scientist and president of ABIC International Consultants. “Rice starch is easier on the stomach and less difficult to break down than soups made with corn starch. Digestibility, coupled with the fact that it is completely hypoallergenic, is one of the main reasons why rice starch is used so widely in baby food and other special dietary foods.”

“Customers’ appreciation and preference for our all-natural ingredients and healthy-minded approach to soup making is what has earned Vermont Country Soup the reputation as a preferred brand over the years,” said Thomson. “The inclusion of rice starch in the recipes will provide the consumer with the ability to fully enjoy the natural ingredients and homemade recipes that we have taken personal pride in perfecting.”