Vision World Foundation (VWF), a South Florida not-for-profit corporation, has produced a new television show to enable blind consumers enjoy cookery.

The half hour show, Cooking Without Looking, is hosted by Professor Bill Quain, from the Florida International University#;s School of Hospitality Management. It utilizes audio description, a technical capability that is much like a play-by-play of what is being seen on the screen.

Quain, who has been blind since he was a teenager, explained: “Blind people eat, so that means blind people have to cook.

“We’re going to show them how much fun they can have in an easily accessible way they can enjoy without any special television settings or machines.”

“You don’t need to see to prepare great meals. You just have to have a sense about creating foods that go well together,” he added.

The co-founder of VWF, Ren’ee Rentmeester, created the show after conducting research on blind chatlines. She explained: “I found that by far the busiest chatline was the Blind Cooks chatline. So I set out to find a blind chef and I didn’t look very long before I found Bill, who is absolutely the most perfect host this show could have. He’s caring, positive and very funny.”

During each episode, Quain will choose an audience member to help him create a meal and discuss blindness issues and solutions. He will also provide viewers with cooking tips in simplifying recipes to accommodate a lack of sight, as well as hints on how to stay safe in the kitchen.

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