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This is the weekly update for Nov. 6 and includes sales through Friday. The four-week period will extend from Saturday, Oct. 28, through Friday, Nov. 24.

Sales were below plan for both the Wal-Mart and SAM’S divisions for the first week of the period.

Sales and sell through on Halloween merchandise finished the holiday period strong and ahead of last year. Customer count remained a little sluggish at both divisions, but the average ticket and merchandise mix still remained good.

The Wal-Mart division’s strongest results were in stationery and books, infants and toddlers, pet supplies, floral, household paper products, cosmetics and fresh food. The division’s best areas geographically were in the West and the Northeast.

SAM’S strongest areas were paper products, pharmacy, candy and snacks, fresh food, floral, major appliances, pre-recorded videos, automotive, toys, tires and optical. Renewal memberships remained good as well.

The International division’s best performances came from Mexico, South Korea and Brazil. Canada also had a strong week and celebrated its anniversary of becoming Wal-Mart Canada. ASDA opened the 2nd Wal-Mart Supercentre in Havant on Tuesday and we are pleased with its performance so far.

The original comp estimate that we communicated during last week’s sales release was 3-5% for the quarter. As we stated in the October conference call, our current forecast for the November period remains at the low end of that range.