USA: Webvan truck line up reminder of dot com boom and bust

More than 100 Webvan trucks are still parked up in Grantville, Georgia, awaiting buyers.

Lined up in the red clay off the I-85, about 45 miles south of Atlanta, the trucks are a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of the dot com world. Once delivering premium groceries to the affluent sections of Atlanta, Webvan nose-dived, ran out of funds and filed for bankruptcy last summer. Equipment and warehouses worth hundreds of millions of dollars now lie unused.

Speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ann Long, owner of Ann’s Trailer Equipment Sales commented: “A lot of people stop by to get gas and see them over there and say, ‘Oh, Webvan, I really miss you’.”

“They act like Webvan going out of business was the biggest disaster in the world. One woman told me the Webvan would even put her groceries in the refrigerator for her.”

“Some people even take pictures of their children in front of them. One little 4-year-old boy looked up at his mom with tears in his eyes and said, ‘You mean we won’t be getting any more ice cream from these people?’”