Health ingredients maker Lipid Nutrition has said a panel of independent experts has said its Clarinol CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) can be generally recognised as safe (GRAS).

The decision was based on scientific trials conducted in humans, the company said, adding that food companies now have the opportunity to use Clarinol CLA as a weight management ingredient in food.

A voluntary notification of this GRAS determination has been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration in accordance with the FDA’s procedures, the company said.

The panel of experts concluded that Clarinol CLA is GRAS for use in yoghurt products, milk-based meal replacements, nutritional bars (i.e. high protein, breakfast meal replacement, granola, and power bars) low-calorie and reduced-calorie dressings for salad, and frozen or shelf-stable plate meals with meat, fish or poultry.