US fastfood company Wendy’s International has announced that the US introduction of its fresh fruit bowl and cup are nearly complete.

More than 80% of Wendy’s restaurants now offer these options, with completion of the rollout expected by mid February. The fruit bowl and cup feature fresh cantaloupe, honeydew melon and pineapple chunks along with red seedless grapes. The entree-sized fruit bowl comes with a low-fat, strawberry-flavoured yogurt for dipping.

“We’re giving our customers an easy, convenient way to add more fruit to their daily diet,” said Tom Mueller, president and chief operating officer of Wendy’s North America.

This is the latest move by the company to introduce healthier options to its menu. In late December, Wendy’s introduced a Combo Choices menu whereby customers can substitute either a baked potato, small chili or one of two side salads for French fries when ordering a combo meal.