US burger chain Wendy’s International is ‘steaking’ its latest advertising campaign on the rapidly growing incidence of late night munchies among its customers. 

The Dublin, Ohio company controls the third largest hamburger chain in the US, and is confident that late night sales are the way to drive more growth within the market. Don Calhoon, Wendy’s executive vice president of corporate marketing, commented that catering for consumers after 10pm “represents a sizable and viable piece of business.”

Indeed, last year Wendy’s notched up sales worth US$103.3m during the twilight hours. This represented 7% of total sales in 2000, and a 30% increase in sales after 10pm recorded in 1999.

It’s a tricky tactic for franchised chains, whose individual store managers may not want to wait around until the early hours, but Wendy’s revealed that the national advertising campaign has only been launched because 90% of its outlets are willing to stay open late. Last year, consumers were offered the chance to “Eat Great, Even Late,” and now the campaign has picked up and features adverts on television and print media.