Adding to the recent excitement of its 50th Anniversary celebration, today Dunkin’ Donuts awarded a Washington, D.C. area woman $50,000 in its “Donuts for Life” contest. Catherine Donnelly, a 51-year old federal government employee, claimed the grand prize. Ms. Donnelly’s entry was chosen at random from more than 600,000 ballots received across the United States.

Ms. Donnelly entered her winning ballot at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop in Hyattsville, Maryland. “Wow! I never win anything — this is so exciting! I voted for the Glazed donut, my favorite flavor for 30 years, but never thought I’d win the grand prize!” Donnelly said. As a devoted Dunkin’ Donuts customer for the past thirty years, she is looking forward to indulging in more donuts and coffee with her winnings. “After I take my family on a cruise and put some away for my son’s college tuition, I’ll treat all my friends to Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and donuts to celebrate!”

The “Donuts For Life” Contest was a part of the national Donut Vote — a search for America’s favorite donut — to celebrate Dunkin’ Donuts’ 50th Anniversary. Throughout the month of March, Dunkin’ Donuts customers across the country voted for their favorite donut in participating Dunkin’ Donuts shops. Everyone who voted became eligible to win the grand prize of $50,000 and donuts for life. In April, after all the votes were tallied, America’s Favorite Donut, Boston Kreme was unveiled on national television.

Dunkin’ Donuts is celebrating 50 years of selling fresh, quality products to its loyal customers. It’s this dedication to serving the very best products since 1950 that has made Dunkin’ Donuts the largest coffee and baked goods retailer in the world today. Since the first shop opened in Quincy, Mass. in 1950, approximately 5,000 Dunkin’ Donuts shops are now operating in the United States and 39 countries.