Whole Living, Inc. (OTC-BB: WLIV), dba Brain Garden, yesterday made several announcements regarding the development of its business in Australia.

For the month of November, revenues from Australia operations increased by 35% over the previous month of October. “We are very excited about our monthly revenue growth in Australia,” commented Whole Living President, Ron Williams. “We sold about a quarter of a million dollars of product there last month. Nearly 1,000 Australian distributors have are on our Autoship program, which means they have agreed to purchase each month a substantial amount of our products. That number has increased by about 500% since our pre-launch in July.”

Now that the company has achieved initial benchmark market penetration in Australia, it will turn its attention to making Australia operations profitable. “We have made a substantial investment in developing this market over the past several months,” notes Sr. Vice President Bill Turnbull. “We are very pleased with the results. It is now time to realize some returns from that investment. We are now in a position to source some of our production and distribution locally, which should have a substantial positive impact on our bottom line beginning 1st quarter 2000.”

Williams recently returned to Australia to finalize negotiations with local manufacturers to produce some of Whole Living’s proprietary products, as well as some exciting new products specifically tailored to the Australian market. Up to this point, the company has absorbed the costs of shipping each order from the U.S. fulfillment center to the distributor or end user, resulting in high shipping costs and importation fees. These costs are targeted to decline dramatically as local production and distribution phase in.

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