A woman who claims to have eaten beef linked to the recent BSE case in the US has sued a division of Kroger, claiming the US retailer failed to warn shoppers about the potentially infected meat.

Steven Berman, a lawyer representing Washington-based Jill Crowson, said the complaint, which seeks class action status, had been filed on Crowson’s behalf at King County Superior Court. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages and the establishment of a medical monitoring fund, reported Reuters.

Crowson claims she served her family a meal containing the meat after buying it at a Quality Food Centers store in the two days leading up to the USDA’s recall of potentially infected meat.

On 24 December, the USDA began a recall of around 10,000 pounds of meat from a group of cattle slaughtered earlier that month, after confirming a case of BSE, or mad cow disease, had been detected in Washington state.

Berman said Quality Food Centers did not warn Crowson and many other customers about the recall. He added that the retailer had a customer loyalty card programme that tracks purchases and could have been used to notify customers who had bought the potentially infected beef, Reuters reported.