All across America, people are quickly realizing what people in Asia have known for hundreds of years — that soy is delicious, versatile and contains fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional benefits. Heinz North America is proud to introduce Great Awakenings Soymilk and the Great Awakenings Foundation.

Great Awakenings is a fresh, easy and delicious way to enjoy all the goodness of soy. A good source of calcium, fiber and protein, Great Awakenings is a lactose and cholesterol-free food. Each serving of Great Awakenings also contains an abundance of isoflavones, naturally occurring plant compounds that support the body’s immune system.

Soy is the only significant dietary source of isoflavones. These plant compounds, also known as phytochemicals, have a mild, estrogen-like effect on the body. Currently, extensive research is being done to clarify the possible role of soy isoflavones in reducing risk for heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, as well as relieving the symptoms of menopause.

“At Heinz North America, we believe in helping people enhance their health through better nutrition,” states Sharon Wicker, Vice President, Organic and Nutritional Foods, Heinz North America. “When we first began researching the health benefits of soy, one of our goals was to create great tasting soy products that people would really enjoy. Another of our goals was to create some real value for you, our customer. After talking to women about their hopes, fears and dreams, we realized that a long, healthy life is a dream that all women, regardless of age and education, share. As a result, we have created the Great Awakenings Foundation (GAF).”

The mission of the Great Awakenings Foundation is to provide direct financial support to organizations that are working to prevent and cure heart disease, breast and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis and other diseases that threaten women’s lives. In addition, GAF educates and informs women about the many health benefits of soy, including its ability to reduce the risk of these major health issues. Heinz North America is currently donating a portion of the purchase price of Great Awakenings Soymilk to the GAF.

Great Awakenings Foundation is proud to announce the first two agency recipients for grants from funds raised in the Minneapolis and Denver markets. In Minneapolis, a portion of funds raised through purchases of Great Awakenings Soymilk during the period September 2000 through February 2001 will go to the Women’s Health Fund at the University of Minnesota. The grant will be used to fund a research study on osteoporosis by Dr. June LaValleur and to design an interdisciplinary education program in diagnosing and treating osteoporosis.

Similarly, in Denver, funds raised will go the American Heart Association, Desert/Mountain Affiliate to fund “Women’s Time: Take Time for Your Health.” Women’s Time is an educational program developed to improve the awareness, prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke for the medically uninsured, inner city communities in Denver, Colo.

A representative from Heinz North America will be in the Minneapolis market on October 19-20 to announce the foundation and to honor the first grant recipient of the Great Awakenings Foundation. Debbie Bolding, general manager for communications for Heinz North America will be on hand at a press conference scheduled on October 18 at 11:00 a.m. in the Women’s Health Clinic at the U of M, Phillips-Wangensteen Building, 516 Delaware Street SE (just west of the intersection of Harvard Street and Delaware Street). The press conference will be in front of a bone density machine for a demonstration of the work being done by Dr. LaValleur.

Ms. Bolding will hold a similar press conference in Denver on October 25 at the Eastside Family Center on October 25 at 10:00 a.m. Eastside is located at 501 28th Street in Denver. A tour will be available of the Eastside Family Center, where many important Women’s Time programs and classes, as well as prevention screenings are conducted.

Great Awakenings Soymilk is available in three flavors (original, vanilla and chocolate) and is now on store shelves in Minneapolis and Denver, the two launch markets. The average retail price for a 32 oz. carton is $1.99. Great Awakenings Soymilk can be found in the dairy case.

To find out more about Great Awakenings Soymilk or the Foundation, visit or call 888-434-6073.

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