The National Consumer Coalition’s Food Group has launched
, an information resource on food policy issues. NCC’s Food Group, organized by Consumer Alert, is made up of six pro- market non-profit organizations that monitor, discuss, report and coordinate work on food issues.

The new website combines food news, publications, resources and useful links. The NCC Food Group’s monthly newsletter “On the Plate” is available, as well as information relating to five major food issues: biotechnology, agriculture, food & trade, food safety and labeling.

Besides articles from Food Group members, the site features other food- related publications from private and government sources. also includes useful links to government, academic, industry and other sources — national and international.

Under biotechnology, visitors can find information and publications on the Biosafety Protocol, the pro-biotech petition signed by over two thousand scientists, links to new studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and other topical information. The agriculture area includes Food Group members’ comments on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s proposed rule on organic food, articles on domestic agriculture subsidies and quotas, including milk and sugar, and information on foreign ag policies.

Food and Trade includes reports from members who attended the WTO meeting in Seattle, analysis from international organizations, such as the World Bank and the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics, on the future of agricultural trade, and new studies on top issues, such as trade with China and the European common agricultural policy. Food safety includes tips for consumers from private and government experts, as well as general food safety information. Special sections are devoted to food irradiation and the economic, scientific and policy issues related to the use of pesticides in agricultural production.

The food labeling page includes articles on mandated vs. voluntary labeling of food derived from modern biotechnology, as well as links to the current U.S. food-labeling regulations and information for wine connoisseurs on the differences in European and U.S. labeling regulations. The news section, updated regularly, keeps visitors informed about important happenings in the areas of food policy, science, and other marketplace developments.

The NCC Food Group members include Consumer Alert, Citizens Against Government Waste, Competitive Enterprise Institute, American Council on Science and Health, Hudson Institute, and the National Center for Public Policy Research. The NCC is an on-going coalition of 24 pro-market groups whose members number over 4 million consumers.

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