The Vietnamese government has requested the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and provincial People’s Committees to complete a reform programme for the country’s sugar-refining industry during the second quarter, according to an announcement by the Vietnam Association of Sugar and Sugarcane (VASSC).

The programme will provide support for sugar companies in investment and raw materials, VASSC said. Although there has been government support for the industry in the past, VASSC reports there are still shortages of raw materials.
VASSC attributed reduced supplies this year to a lower-yield harvest and the contract violations by some growers.

Vietnamese sugar refineries processed 2.88m tons of raw sugarcane, producing 243,825 tons of sugar this season, a 27% down from last year, VASSC chairman Le Van Thanh said.

VASSC reports that production this year will be some 300,000 tons short of its 1.2m-ton target.