Vietnam will cut or eliminate tariffs on a range of food products over the next few years, under a decision of prime minister Phan Van Khai, reported by the Xinhua news agency.

Citing Vietnam News as the source for the report, the agency said sausages and similar meat products, would receive the biggest tariff cuts to 30% by 2010 and 5% by 2013 from the current 50%. The move is part of Vietnam’s 2005-2013 road map under the Common Effective Preferential Tariffs protocol of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ Free Trade Agreement.

The import tariff on fowls is to drop to 10% in 2005, 5% in 2007 and zero in 2008.

The tariff changes apply to goods imported after 1 January 2005. Importers who have already made tax payments will receive a refund, the agency reported