Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners (Acap), along with Silas Capital and Emil Capital Partners, is investing US$3m Florida-based Vintage Italia, the maker of Pasta Chips snacks. 

Founded by entrepreneur Jerry Bello, Vintage Italia manufactures Italian-inspired “better-for-you” snacks. The company’s pasta-based snack products are made from durum wheat, farro and semolina flour. The line is baked as a better-for-you snacking alternative. 

“We’re the first in the industry to create the only snack food made from fresh pasta dough,” said Bello. “We created Pasta Chips as a healthier alternative to the bland, overly processed options in the deli section, and we’re dedicated to finding new ways of offering our customers quality, gourmet taste and an elevated snack food product that has greater focus on nutrition.”

The cash injection will help the company accelerate its rapid growth, supporting its release of new product lines to large retailers, including Wal-Mart, Costco and Safeway.

“Since its introduction to the market in 2013, Pasta Chips has been setting a new standard for products in the better-for-you snack aisle,” said Tyler Mayoras, principal at Advantage Capital. “Vintage Italia is changing the snack brand marketplace and proving that baked chips can be regionally inspired, healthful and tasty.”

ACAP is a $154.5m fund, licensed by the US Department of Agriculture as a Rural Business Investment Company. The investment in Vintage Italia marks the fund’s first foray into the snacking space. 

Bello has co-founded branded food companies Sensible Portions, Brownie Brittle and Mamma Says.