Here are some of the new food product introductions registered by Mintel’s Global New Products Database this past month around the world.

Kellogg’s on-the-go cereals

The Kellogg’s brand name is appearing in chilled cabinets in Germany and Austria, with the launch of a twin-compartment cereal product. Kellogg’s Fjølk & Corn Flakes comprises a portion of multi-grain cornflakes with a separate serving of “fjølk”, which is described as a fresh, mild yoghurt-milk made with original Scandinavian cultures. In addition to this health-oriented adult variety, Kellogg has also introduced a variety for children, based on Frosties Crrrunchy Choco cereal with vanilla yoghurt. For added convenience, they both come with a folding plastic “snack spoon” attached to the tub.

Kellogg has experimented before with convenience-oriented cereals. In the UK, in 2001, the company introduced To Go Twinpots, an “on-the-go” breakfast solution comprising a portion of cereal, a portion of extended life semi-skimmed milk and a sachet of sugar, presented in a plastic “bowl” complete with a plastic spoon. That product was sold shelf-stable, but best served chilled. Although it was positioned at the front of store alongside fresh sandwiches, the relatively high price point undoubtedly deterred some consumers. The new product in Germany carries a lower price point, and also has the advantage of a unique ingredient (fjølk), which adds value to the basic cereal proposition and draws the consumer’s attention.

Hipp adult breakfast cereals

Hipp, best known for its baby food and milk formula, is venturing into the “good-for-you” adult breakfast cereal market with the German introduction of Hippness Crisp. The company already markets some children’s breakfast cereals, but it is the first time an adult range appears to have been launched. The range is vitamin and mineral fortified, with some varieties also offering functional properties. Varieties include chocolate & nut with lecithin; probiotic strawberry & raspberry; and apple & cranberry with vitamins A, C & E. They are packaged in modern style flexible, stand-up pouches as opposed to the more traditional carton.

Mr Coffee finally makes a pot

The Mr Coffee brand is familiar to many in the US.  The brand, owned by Sunbeam Products, has been making coffee pots, filters, and espresso machines for many years, but up until now has never made coffee. So now, in conjunction with Creative Marketing Group, the brand will now produce regular and decaf ground coffee in supermarkets, club and convenience stores, and mass merchandise outlets.

Easy marinade

In the US, Heinz is making it easier to marinade meat and vegetables in time for the barbecue season with its newest marinade line, EZ Marinader. The product is pre-portioned within a flexible multi-laminate pouch, eliminating the need to find a resealable bag and mess with bottles and pouring. Simply open the pouch and drop in your meats or vegetables, seal, and let it set for 30 minutes. When done, the bag simply needs to be discarded, eliminating the mess. Three varieties are available, Jack Daniel’s Mesquite, Classico Italian Garlic & Herb, and Mr Yoshida’s Teriyaki.

More herbal dairy lines

The use of herbal and botanical ingredients in food and non-food remains a popular development, giving a “better for you” and “natural” positioning. Their use in dairy products, yoghurt in particular, also appears to be emerging further, adding a “supplement-style” proposition. Recent examples highlighting this trend include Parmalat Kyr Principia Agrumi e Ginseng, a low fat, citrus flavoured fermented milk drink with vitamins, ginseng and fibre, introduced in Italy. In Malaysia, Magic Food has introduced under the Sunglo brand herbal yoghurts available in fennel and echinacea varieties – two ingredients new to the yoghurt market.

Ethnic & mini snacks

Potato and corn based savoury snacks are popular in the UK, but recently the use of bread dough in a snacking format has emerged. Unsurprisingly, the sought-after flavour for these dough snacks has been Indian-inspired. We recently reported on the Bredz range of bagged bread dough savoury snacks from Butt Foods in flavours such as Tandoori. Now retailer Sainsbury’s has developed something similar with the introduction of crisp baked naan stick snacks in Tikka (medium hot) and Korma (mild) varieties.

Within the more traditional savoury snack market, we report on more mini formats in different packaging styles. Past product examples include mini Hula Hoops Shoks potato snacks from KP Foods in the UK, available in a cube-shaped flexible pack. The latest has been introduced in the Netherlands by Smiths Food Group (PepsiCo) and comprises Bits, mini corn snacks in two varieties (Twisties twist shapes in Honey BBQ, and Zero’s hoop shaped in a Texas Paprika flavour), packaged in long flow wrap sachets. The USP of these snacks is that they are said to be easy to consume with one hand. Details and images on the packaging explain that the sachet simply needs to be torn, the head needs to be tilted backwards, and the snacks just need to be poured into the mouth!

Tetley iced tea

Tetley, a well established hot tea brand in the UK, is once again attempting to move into the iced tea sector. In the past, British consumers have tended to shy away from iced tea, perhaps finding it hard to associate a popular and traditional hot drink with a cold version. However, this may be changing as new RTD iced teas continue to be introduced, often focusing on the healthy antioxidant benefits of tea. Many recent launches have tended to be from niche players providing high-quality taste and content (e.g. MangaJo Anti-Ox Tea and Indian Chai Tea from Spring Fine Foods), but Tetley’s new line is attempting to change this. Past attempts by the company include Tetley Ice Blend back in 1997. The latest is called T of Life and is described as a refreshing blend of spring water, fruit juice and Tetley tea with energizing herbs (ginseng and guarana) and vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12). It is available in Raspberry & Cranberry, and Lemon & Lime flavours.

Sprite with mint

The giants in the carbonates market have done much recently with regard to flavour innovations. We have seen major flavour extensions for cola brands such as lemon and vanilla flavoured Coca-Cola, and lemon and berry flavoured Pepsi. To continue this trend, Coca-Cola’s lemon and lime Sprite brand has now been introduced in Belgium and France with a touch of mint. To differentiate the variety from the original product, it is packaged in a blue rather than green coloured plastic bottle, and is named Sprite Ice Cube.

Latin beverages

Several new beverages from major manufacturers are hitting shelves in the US specifically targeted to the emerging Hispanic and Latino market. SoBe (Pepsico) is presenting Fuerte, a mango and passionfruit beverage displayed with Spanish labelling containing the phrase “SoBe Tu Mismo” translating to “SoBe Yourself.” The beverage also contains herbal extracts like yerba mate and guarana. It is the company’s first beverage targeted to the market and is available in San Diego, Texas, and South Florida. Also being released is Clamato Energia, a non-carbonated vegetable-based energy drink from Mott’s (Cadbury-Schweppes). The tomato-based drink contains 30% juice along with ginseng, taurine, guarana, and B vitamins.

Bubble confectionery

Novelty features highly within the confectionery market, particularly when aiming products at children. The latest novelty to appear in this market, within the sugar confectionery segment, is Eat-a-Bubble. The product has been introduced in South Africa by Toytech and works like a kid’s bubble-blowing toy. It comprises a liquid candy that needs to initially be poured into a special Eat-a-Bubble tube. An Eat-a-Bubble ring then needs to be dipped into the solution before the candy bubbles are blown through the ring. The bubbles can be gobbled alone or with friends. Flavours include apple, strawberry, grape, blueberry, lemon, pineapple, orange, melon, chocolate, cola, coffee and banana. This is an ideal example of how a level of interactivity and fun flavours can do much to attract children.

Ice cream bar with biscuit slab

There is much correlation between the biscuit, ice cream and confectionery markets. Often, flavour and format development in one market can help inspire a new product idea within another. A recent impulse ice cream in Japan clearly highlights this trend. We are familiar with the use of chocolate slabs on biscuit products, now we report on Choice Biscuit Choco Ice from Morinaga. The new product comprises a half chocolate coated ice cream bar topped with two butter biscuits.

Crunchy Nesquik

A crunchy twist has been given to the Nesquik chocolate mix for making hot and cold milk drinks. In France, it has appeared in a new Crousty variety featuring added crunchy cereal balls. The new variety is said to “reawaken your bowl of milk” and the balls are said to remain crunchy even when mixed with hot milk.

Sweet Nescafé coffee speciality

Café bombon is a Spanish coffee drink made with sweetened condensed milk. It is normally served layered (a bottom layer of condensed milk and a top layer of plain coffee). It is then stirred before drinking. Nestlé is making it easier for Spanish consumers to recreate the drink at home with its new Nescafé branded Bombón line, made with La Lechera brand condensed milk. This liquid soluble coffee and condensed milk blend is packaged in a plastic bottle with a plastic valve dispenser. It simply needs to be squeezed into a cup and topped up with hot water or hot milk.