Mintel’s Global New Product Database has seen a number of interesting new food product introductions.

Flavor and shape novelties for cookies
Cookie shapes and flavors are becoming more and more inventive.  Only recently we reported on cloud shaped cookies in China.  Now we have cranberry flavored cookies in China which are either mushroom or bamboo-shoot shaped.  They have been introduced by Meiji Seika.  In Brazil, a sweet and savory twist has been given to Replay sandwich cookies from Aymore.  They are filled with both cheese and guava.  In Japan, Ezaki Glico has launched a biscuit range including ingredients such as green tea and sweet potato.  In Finland, pineapple features in new Fazer Jaffa chocolate coated biscuits from Fazer Keksit.

Adventurous beer flavors
We report on some interesting formulations in the beer market.  In France, Brasserie Morbraz has introduced L’Oceane, a 4.6% ABV specialty beer made with sea water and said to have a “maritime” taste and aroma. Also in France, Heather Ale has launched under the Kelpie brand, an organic seaweed ale with cocoa notes, described as a specialty from Scotland.  In the UK, an exotic kiwi flavor is being added to a new organic ale from Wychwood Brewery.  In Finland, Brasserie Lefevre has added a touch of honey to its new Barbar branded Winter Bok strong Belgian beer.  And also in Finland, Castle Eden Brewery has introduced a 4% ABV traditional ale with a hint of chocolate, said to make it easier to drink.

FABs get abbreviated
In the Flavored Alcoholic Beverages market, we report on playful, abbreviated brand names: new in South Africa is PO10C – any ideas?  It means “potency”, and is a 5% ABV cooler drink.

M&S helps lower cholesterol
Despite recent profit losses, UK retailer Marks & Spencer continues to launch innovative nutrition-focused products.  The latest range called “& more” includes cereal bars, yogurts, pasta, sandwiches, cereals, soups, sauces and smoothies.  Particularly interesting is that it is formulated with soy protein, a cholesterol – lowering ingredient popular in the US (since its approval by the FDA to carry cholesterol – lowering claims) , but not widely used in Europe.

Cranberry ice cream, pet food & energy drink
In Japan, Moringa Milk Industry has launched two ice cream products with cranberry: Go! Go!, a stick ice cream with cranberry juice and the flavor of American cranberry soda; and a frozen yogurt with ripples of cranberry sorbet.  And in Finland, the ingredient has come up in a new pet food from James Wellbeloved.  The new turkey and rice cat food contains natural cranberry extracts said to help maintain urinary tract health.  Cranberry is also featured in a new Silver Arrow energy drink variety in the UK.  More interesting, it is available in a can with ultra violet wording that glows in the dark.

Pringles in Asia
The Pringles potato snack brand from Procter & Gamble is catering for Asian tastes.  In Japan, it has added a Funky Soy Sauce variety to the range.  And in Singapore, it has introduced a Wild Consomm? flavor. Also of interest within the snacks category, we have a new ethnic nuts range in the UK.  The range from Snackhouse, called Under the Sun includes Hot Chilli Peanuts and Seaweed Peanuts.

Limited edition breakfast cereals
Limited edition fever is entering the breakfast cereal market with new Kellogg cereals for children.  The first is an interactive Pokemon merchandised line with Pokemon shaped marshmallow pieces, launched in the UK and Australia. The interactive package also enables children to frame their photos.  The second is a toffee flavored addition to the Frosties brand in the UK.

Confectionery news
Some interesting changes have been taking place for Nestle’s Milkybar white chocolate brand.  Recently in the UK it has been launched as a chunky version; in South Africa we reported on Milkybar eclairs; and in Singapore we spotted a Krackle variety with puffed rice.  Two more additions have now been made in Australia:  Milkybar Raspar contains raspberry pieces, and Milkybar Chew is a fudge bar with a white chocolate coating.  Also of interest in Australia from Nestle is Create – a – Mix Smarties.  It follows the mixing idea we normally see for jelly beans.  By combining available flavors (raspberry, strawberry, banana, caramel, vanilla, tutti-frutti and honeycomb) , the consumer can experience a new flavor in the mouth.  Interesting non-Nestle launches include: a cola flavored addition in the UK, to the Dime bar brand from Kraft Jacobs Suchard; and an organic kit for making chocolates in Denmark from Anne-Lise Anderson Chokolade.

Functional milk & juice drink
New in Argentina from Mastellones Hermanos under the La Serenisima label is Serecol, a functional milk and juice blend.  It contains phytoesterols to help reduce cholesterol levels.

More than just cheese
Sargento Foods, known for its cheese lines, has expanded into the rest of what you need to make pizza at home.  Its Pizza Creations! line in the US consists of pizza crusts, shredded cheese, and pepperoni.  All are displayed together, so consumers can pick and choose just what they want.  It is a smart move, as it provides Sargento with a way to capture the sauce and crust buyers who know and trust the Sargento name.

Logical combination
Nestle certainly is known globally for coffee; it makes sense the company is testing in the New York City area, Coffee Crisp Wafers.  The company says they use a hint of cream and are covered in chocolate. Right now, Nestle is testing them by handing them out in commuter stations, business offices, and stores.  They already are sold in Canada.

Coke coffee, here we come
With its recent acquisition of Planet Java, Coca-Cola is getting into the coffee business in the States.  Its first move has been to repackage and rename some of the company’s coffee drinks – they compete against Frappuccino.  Milky Wave is now known as CaraMocha and Javachino is known as Javadelic.

Not just snack bars – but smart bars
Adams, the candy/food division of Warner-Lambert, has brought its Canadian line called Body Smarts to the States.  The line is fortified with vitamins and minerals and has half the fat of their regular candy counterparts.  New in the US are Chocolate Peanut Crunch Bar and Creamy Fruit Chews.  The latter also contains fruit juice.

When you’re hot, you’re hot
In the US candy and mint category, we have a number of products with intense flavors, colors, and sensations.  Foreign Candy has its Torture Scorchers hot hard candy (in flavors such as Lemon-Lime Lava, Raspberry Rage, Cherry Combustion, and Tangerine Torcher).  They are designed to provide flavor plus intense pain.  Hint Mint has its Peppermint Mints, packaged in a unique slide-to-open cigarette tin.  One of the varieties in this line is flavored with fennel, not a flavor we usually see in the States.

More quick pasta meals
In the US, Unilever has gotten into the act with its Ragu brand in the add-water-and-microwave meal market.  WE have seen similar products from Kraft under the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese label and from General Mills’ Betty Crocker.  Three varieties need the addition of water and cook in the microwave in just a few minutes.

Bottle ‘o soup
Looking to make its product as convenient as possible, Heinz USA has made its new Heinz Fridge Door Soups the perfect size for slipping into the door of most refrigerators.  In addition, the soups will last for up to five days after opening and can be stored at room temperature until opened.

Kicking into high gear
KMX, a recent US release from Coca-Cola, expands its horizons with a slew of test markets across the country. Consumers will find the energy drink in big college towns like Austin, TX, and Carbondale, IL;  Coke is aiming the ginseng and vitamin-enhanced drink at teens and young adults.

Drink you joint pain away
Joint Juice, a San Francisco-based company, released Joint Juice Glucosamine Lemonades in the US.  A dietary supplement in disguise, it is marketed as a beverage.  The three flavors, Lemonade, Orange-Tangerine, and Tropical, each contain 10% juice and 1500mg of glucosamine, which is recommended in helping repair and reconstruct cartilage in the joints.

Organic chewing gum
Jungle Gum, a recent US release fom Wild Things is a certified-organic chewing gum, in a Tropical Spice flavor.  According to the company, it is made from pure chicle sap from Central America.

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