Yoshimura Food Holdings has acquired 100% of the share capital in Japanese SME for JPY455m. 

Pure Japanese Goods produces desserts such as jellies. 

Announcing the acquisition, Yoshimura said it would assume responsibility for planning, management and execution “for the purpose of support and activation”. Pure Japanese Goods will retain control over product development, planning and quality. 

Yoshimura said that the move was part of its strategy to foster the growth of small- and medium-sized Japanese businesses who are feeling growth constraints. In response to declining consumption in Japan due to an ageing population, Yoshimura hopes that it can deliver profitable growth by combining the agility and product strengths of smaller companies with its sales network and better productivity. “Making great products cannot grow [revenue] if your sales force is weak,” Yoshimura explained. 

Based in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Yoshimura produces a wide range of products, including dried noodles, frozen foods, tuna products and chocolate.