2G Biogas Cogeneration engines are a clean, low-emission and commercially attractive way to generate heat and power for a myriad of commercial applications.

As the Authorised Australian 2G cogeneration partner, Evo’s biogas cogeneration plants significantly reduce a business’s reliance on the national grid, as well as the associated vulnerability to power outages and price fluctuations.

Evo’s biogas cogeneration plants are electrically and thermodynamically superior, guaranteed to be more efficient than anything else on the market. This game-changing combined heat and power (CHP) plant features specially calibrated biogas engines, components and materials that are designed to be highly reliable, powerful and efficient.

Evo’s fully customisable configurations range between 50kWe to 3,000kWe. Larger sizes available on request.


The benefits of Evo’s CHP plants include:

  • On-site combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Significant reduction in operation costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Up to 75% less fuel than conventional electricity and gas boilers
  • Reduced reliance on the grid

The 2G difference

2G Biogas Cogeneration engines offer:

  • Proven operational reliability, with tens of millions of logged operational hours across the world
  • Ultra-low emissions, with up to 90% lower emissions capacity achieved
  • Smart operation as the machine automatically adjusts itself to changing energy densities and heat values
  • Low maintenance / wear and tear – reduced operation and maintenance (O&M), as well as being very easy-to-service with minimal downtime
  • A 50% longer machine life expectancy, meaning high return-on-investment and value for money due to a longer system life expectancy
  • Proven reciprocating engine technology – a low revolutions per minute (RPM) compared to extreme high-RPM axial or radial turbines with transonic velocities and increased rotation
  • A 40% higher fuel economy and energy-efficiency, which is 40% more efficient compared with ultra-low efficient microturbines. The machines are some of the most durable and energy efficient Biogas CHPs in their class
  • Simply plug and play –  a connection-ready cogeneration plant that is carefully constructed in one module
  • Intelligent control system – fully integrated controls with proprietary electronic management

If you are looking to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and energy consumption, contact Evo Energy Technologies’ specialists using the inquiry form.