Trigeneration combines Evo’s highly efficient and low-emission 2G combined heat and power (CHP) generation with an absorption chiller to generate cooling, heat and power in one process.

As the authorised Australian 2G cogeneration partner, Evo’s trigeneration solutions offer an impressive alternative to electric chillers with plenty of economic and environmental benefits. 

By linking an absorption chiller to the company’s highly efficient and low-emission 2G CHP engine, additional waste heat from the CHP engine can be converted into chilled water for use in cooling processes.


Benefits of Evo’s trigeneration solutions include:

  • On-site, combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP)
  • Reduction in energy costs and fuel
  • Significant reduction in greenhouse gasses and environmental footprint

If you are looking to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and energy consumption, contact Evo Energy Technologies’ specialists using the inquiry form.