Customer benefits:

  • High throughput
  • High yield
  • High quality
  • Only one supervisor for up to five lines
  • Automatic fault-detection with back / belly correcting and sorting function
  • Line monitoring system (LMCS) for monitoring the line at any time from your office
  • Tailor-made to your individual needs
  • Positive fixation of the fish prevents miscuts

Other information:

  • Line includes: BAADER 488 automatic feeder, BAADER 221 H+F heading and filleting machine and BAADER 56 skinner
  • Fish species: herring and mackerel (other species possible on request)
  • Working range: herring approximately 22cm-40cm and mackerel approximately 25cm-42cm
  • Nominal speed: 180 trays/min-340 trays/min (effective throughput rate is dependent on by-catch and fish quality)
  • Operator: one for one line semi-automatic BA 221 LSA and one for up to five lines automatic BA 221 LA