Customer benefits:

  • High speed: up to 25 fish/min
  • Best fillet quality: clean end of heading, clean anal fin, no bone chips at tail area and white belly membrane on or off (C/D trim)
  • Fewer downgrades
  • Flexible on different species (trout or wild salmon)
  • Flexible on different products (A/D trim)
  • Stable run of the fish through the machine: fewer stops
  • Computer-controlled tools
  • Best hygiene performance
  • Easy to adjust and maintain
  • Remote service

Fish species:

  • Farmed salmon (pre- and post-rigor)
  • Farmed trout (pre- and post-rigor)
  • Wild caught coho (defrosted)
  • Wild caught sockeye (defrosted)
  • Other salmon species on request

Working range:

  • Farmed salmon (gutted): 2kg-7kg
  • Farmed trout (gutted): 1.8kg-5kg
  • Wild caught coho (h+g): 2kg-4kg (collarbone on)
  • Wild caught sockeye (h+g): 2kg-4kg (collarbone on)

Throughput (standalone):

  • Up to 25 fish/min: depending on fish size and operator skills