Our Biomar® aerobic and anaerobic processes treat wastewater with mostly organic substances.

Production wastewater from the food processing industry mainly consists of organic impurities, which can be treated using biological processes. From our wide range of Biomar processes, we can apply the right process according to the relevant solids-content level of the wastewater and the required cleaning results.

Anaerobic wastewater treatments with bio-gas production

Biomar anaerobic systems are appropriate treating wastewater with high and/or occasional chemical-on-demand (COD) and biochemical-on-demand (BOD) loads, as well as for cyclic operations. High COD loads are decreased with small reactor volumes.

A key trait of anaerobic technology is that it acidifies and ferments organic carbon compounds, which results in the production of methane and carbon dioxide. This form of technology does not require any oxygen aeration and produces little excess residue.

Aerobic wastewater treatments

Through our Biomar aerobic treatment plants, the wastewater/micro-organism system is supplied with oxygen to decompose the wastewater content into mineral components. Biomar activation plants that use moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR), sequencing batch reactor (SBR) or sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR) processes are particularly suitable for compliance with COD and BOD loads.