EasyMill Production: CM, RS & H.

FREWITT, the world leader in powder size reduction technologies, is committed to supporting the needs and expectations of its markets. After listening, reflecting and designing, we are pleased to present the EASYMILL range, a system bringing modularity, simplicity and costs savings.

The EasyMill range at a glance

CM-200 & CM-250: Conical sieve mills, designed for the size calibration and de-agglomeration of any type of powder, dry or wet.

RS-200 & RS-250: Rotary cylindrical sifters, designed for the de-agglomeration and homogenization of any type of powder, dry or wet.

HM-3 & HM-6: High-performance hammer mills for the fine milling and pulverization of hard, crystalline, fibrous or ductile products.


The EasyMill concept allows you to combine the conical sieve mill and the rotating cylindrical sifter with a single body.


The EASYMILL design allows you to change the milling process within a few seconds.


Ideal for large-scale production, EASYMILL is designed to run continuously, providing optimal throughput and results.


Safety is the first priority for all of us. EASYMILL is compliant for use in strict compliance with pharmaceutical industry requirements, as well as with GMP (EHEDG), FDA, ATEX and CE standards.


Due to the modular concept of the RS and CM heads, you ensure rationalization of your investment, but also a better space usage since one machine replaces the footprint of two. You can simply buy your required milling technology and later add to the platform according to your future needs.