EnviModul modular systems allow flexible assembly of water and wastewater treatment plants. Compared with the classic centralised solutions in mixed structures and modular decentralised plant solutions, EnviModul is a more flexible, cost-effective solution.

EnviroChemie developed the independent, modular EnviModul system as part of the Blue Competence product development program. Several international projects implementing the system are proof of its success.

EnviModul components allow various stages of the cleaning process for water and wastewater treatment and water recycling to be combined easily, from wastewater pre-treatment using Flomar ® Flotation and Envopur® membrane filtration with Biomar® biological cleaning to the Envochem®, Flomar®, Split-O-Mat® and Lugan®physico-chemical cleaning stages to wastewater treatment, filtration and recycling. Modules for additional water process treatments are also available.

Faster and more flexible water treatment plants

EnviModul plant solutions can be implemented at a significantly faster rate and at a reduced cost. They can also be adapted more easily to cater for changing operating conditions and where required, they can be relocated to other operating facilities.

On-site assembly and approval to ensure quality and safety

EnviModul systems are fully assembled in EnviroChemie’s premises in Germany, where they are also pre-checked against the specifications of the final installation.