BUCHI offers specialised extraction solutions for classical determination of fat, residue and contaminants in various types of matrices.

The company offers the complete range of automated extraction methods, such as Soxhlet, hot extraction and pressurised solvent extraction. The company’s solutions allow for perfect integration in the food processing workflow, increasing automation and decreasing manual labour.

FatExtractor E-500 – quick and reliable fat extraction with five methods in one system

key features include:

  • Interchangeable glass assembly that enables the use of standard methods such as Soxhlet, Hot Extraction (HE) or Twisselmann (ECE)
  • Faster extraction times as a result of high-end features such as optical sensors, powerful heating capabilities and optimized glass assembly
  • Cost-efficient, eco-friendly extraction thanks to the ability to collect and re-use solvent as well as minimal solvent emission due to innovative flange z-seal system
  • Highest extraction efficiency and sample throughput with the use of level sensors adjusted to sample volume
  • Suitable for extraction of low-fat samples, as main glass parts are expandable up to 60%

HydrolEx H-506 – compliant acid hydrolysis prior to fat extraction for total fat determination

Key features include:

  • Reduced foaming thanks to unique hydrolysis vessels
  • Smooth filtration and rinsing of up to six samples in parallel thanks to a powerful vacuum source, high-quality glass parts, individual stop cocks that control the vacuum at each single position
  • Higher reproducibility due to innovative rinsing funnels that facilitate quantitative transfer from vessels into glass sample tubes
  • Suitable for low-fat or inhomogeneous samples as hydrolysis vessels can take up large sample volumes (up to 10g of liquids and solids)
  • Fully conformant process with official regulations for total fat content declarations

UniversalExtractor E-800 – perfectly suited to challenging extraction task

Key features include:

  • Six separate extraction positions enable individual process control and use of different extraction methods in parallel
  • Optimal analyte recoveries thanks to proprietary analyte protection system that monitors solvent levels
  • Highest analyte protection as all components in contact with the sample are made of inert material eliminating sample contamination and memory effects from leaching materials; inert gas supply protects analyte against oxidation
  • Suitable for low contaminated samples, as Large Sample Volume (LSV) glass assembly can expand the sample volume used by 60%
  • Suitable for work with volatile solvents outside of a fume hood thanks to high-performance condensers that capture vapours and ensure high solvent recovery (>90%)

SpeedExtractor E-914 – reproducible extraction of up to six samples in parallel

Key features include:

  • Six times faster than other pressurised solvent extraction (PSE) instruments due to parallel evaporation concept
  • Ability to extract up to 96 samples in eight hours with a reduced number of replicates due to identical extraction conditions for up to six samples at a time
  • Reproducible results and higher sample safety thanks to the automatic sealing of extraction cells
  • High flexibility with a wide range of process parameters (30°C -200°C; 50bar-150bar) and the different extraction cell volumes (E-914: 40, 80, 120ml).
  • Cost-efficient and eco-friendly ECO mode for automated heater control