Flotation plants have been used for many years as water circulation systems and to treat industrial wastewater. EnviroChemie uses two established flotation processes for wastewater treatment: dissolved-air flotation and electro-flotation. Individually planned and small compact plant solutions are available for both processes.

Flomar® dissolved-air flotation process is particularly suitable for treating wastewater that is contaminated with organic residues from the food processing industry.

Flomar® dissolved-air flotation plants

The Flomar® HL series highlights a special EC high-performance separation package, which has been specifically designed for the food processing industry. The range is designed for general industrial applications and has an effective air saturation system with self-cleaning de-aeration valves.

Patented flotation technology

Emulsion splitting or flocculation/precipitation must usually be performed before the actual flotation process, in order to remove impurities from wastewater. A return flow is saturated with pressurized air in the dissolved-air flotation system, before it is released and combined with the pre-treated wastewater.

There are notable flocculation and flotation improvements with the patented Flomar® AIR-POWER system.