BADAAR 144 salmon gutting machine

The BAADER 144 salmon gutting machine presents many benefits to customers:

  • High speeds up to 25 fish per min
  • Wide working range betweem 2kg and 11kg, which is adjustable at the touch screen
  • Less after-cleaning due to a very stable and perfect cleaning result
  • Higher value of by-products due to no contamination of guts with water
  • Quick change-over between different species and sizes due to a recipe archive
  • Nearly 99% runtime-efficiency in combination with BAADER 1570 Speed Feed System for automatic feeding of up to 8 gutting machines
  • Fault detection and monitoring on operator panel possible, for example a motor fault detection
  • Data collection and interchange to realise a full flexible distribution of the fish according to weight, k-factor, and quality grading
  • Real-time performance information for the machine and operator due to B’Logic® Process Navigation

Future applications include camera detection of cleaning result and the Salmon Gut Inspection System (SGI) option is available.

The significant reduction of cleaning time is due to:

  • Improved hygienic design
  • Improved pipes, ready to CIP
  • Automatic chain cleaning
  • No grease in the product area
  • Tools can be easily dismounted for external washing
  • Improved pipes, ready to CIP
  • Pipe Cleaning System (PCS) is possible