BUCHI’s versatile solutions for digestion and steam distillation cover a broad range of applications. Whether performing classical protein determination according to Kjeldahl, reflux digestion with aqua regia, or direct distillation of steam-volatile compounds, optimised productivity is ensured.

KjelDigester K-446/K-449

The Kjeldahl method KjelDigester reduces the block digestion process by up to two hours and meets the highest safety requirements.

The high degree of automation is the perfect match to the KjelMaster System allowing for unprecedented sample throughput.

SpeedDigester K-439

The SpeedDigester K-439 revolutionises infrared (IR) digestion, combining the benefits of IR and block digestion in one unit. Fast nitrogen determination by Kjeldahl digestion at controlled temperatures enables an increased sample throughput. The instrument functionality can also be multiplied whenever needs change.

SpeedDigester K-425 / K-436

The SpeedDigester K-425 / K-436 sets new standards in terms of digestion speed, flexible use and reproducible results. You can achieve an increased sample throughput for nitrogen determination by Kjeldahl digestion and multiply instrument functionality whenever your needs change.

Wet Digester B-440

The Wet Digester B-440 allows an ecological pre-incineration of different types of samples. A wide temperature range (up to 600°C) is available, with a programmable incineration ramps for reproducible procedures.

Scrubber K-415

With its four cleaning steps, the Scrubber K-415 provides optimised safety to protect the user and the environment not only by neutralising poisonous fumes and reaction gases but also by minimising the use of cooling water.

KjelMaster K-375

BUCHI provides solutions for both potentiometric and colourimetric titrations.

The KjelMaster K-375 meets the highest demands in usability, automation, user administration and sophisticated data management.

KjelSampler K-376 / K-377

The KjelSampler K-376 and K-377, in combination with the KjelMaster K-375, meet upmost demands in high-throughput Kjeldahl determination. The systems provide a maximum degree of automation and flexibility.

Distillation Unit K-350 / K-355

The Distillation Unit K-350 / K-355 performs Kjeldahl nitrogen or protein determinations compliant to officially approved methods cost-effectively.

KjelFlex K-360

The KjelFlex K-360 performs Kjeldahl nitrogen or protein determinations and additional steam distillations in the most flexible way. The modular setup allows you to adapt the KjelFlex K-360 at any time, including a wide selection of titrators to guarantee smooth and easy operation.

Kjeldahl throughput solution

To help you cope with ever-increasing sample loads for nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl, with rising costs per analysis and requirements for thorough documentation, BUCHI offers a solution for analysing up to 120 samples in a one-person working day, providing an optimised degree of automation in sample and data processing.

Kjeldahl Flexibility

BUCHI’s highly modular Kkeldahl flexibility solution increases the robustness of your process by using your products for classical Kjeldahl analysis and related applications without time-consuming changes. It copes with semi-automated Kjeldahl applications, as well as reflux digestion and direct distillation.

Kjeldahl basic solution

BUCHI provides an entry-level solution to provide cost-effective products for basic nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl with a straightforward operation. The solution does not need sophisticated programming or automated titration, instead using various options to extend the scope of applications.

Reflux digestion solution

To help you deal with limited lab space, changing samples and demands for different analytes requiring reflux digestion, BUCHI offers a modular, all-in-one solution for both Kjeldahl and reflux digestion matching pre-existing external analytical instruments.

Direct distillation solution

Helping you deal with limited lab space, changing samples and demands for different analytes requiring direct steam distillation, BUCHI offers a modular, all-in-one solution covering various steam-volatile compounds with a semi-automated operation and direct link to external titrators.