BUCHI NIR-Online® Solutions enables enhanced productivity and higher quality for maximum gross profit margins. BUCHI supports you in optimising all stages of production, from incoming goods inspection to releasing finished products.

NIR-Online process analysers

Closely monitoring key parameters such as moisture, fat or protein is crucial to correct deviations occurring in any manufacturing process. BUCHI NIR-Online® analyzers continuously provide accurate measurements within seconds to guarantee maximum production efficiency.

NIR-Online multipoint system

BUCHI NIR-Online® solutions enable continuous monitoring of key parameters such as moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch, fibre or residual oil at every process step. The innovative multipoint heads provide a cost-effective way to monitor relevant check points in the oil seed or grain milling industry and food production

NIR-Online inspection solution

BUCHI NIR-Online® offers turn-key solutions for moving materials on various conveyor and elevator systems. The functional interaction of NIR-Online® process analysers and dedicated software is designed to meet industry demands at all points of production.

Real-time measurements are taken of incoming raw materials, intermediates or final goods during inspection, which immediately allow operators to control incoming goods, perform segregation or check entire truck loads prior to customer delivery.

NIR-Online InProcessControl solution

BUCHI NIR-Online® InProcessControl Solution maximises your production efficiency and product quality by correcting process deviations immediately. Monitoring moisture, protein, fat or residual components directly inside, the machine indicates when to start or stop a batch leading to maximum output.

In addition, optimum production parameters reduce mechanical wear and tear. The perfect integration of NIR-Online Analysers to industry relevant standards gives rise to full process control such as multi-component dosage in mixing.

NIR-Online pipe solution

BUCHI NIR-Online’s® pipe solution gives rise to straightforward installation of BUCHI’s process analyzers to pipelines. Maximum installation flexibility is achieved by direct integration of the company’s stainless steel adapters into the pipeline, separating the analyser from the product flow.

BUCHI’s dedicated solution allows easy and reliable real-time determination of key parameters in gaseous, liquid, viscous or pasty products over a large temperature and pressure range. Operators may immediately correct for process deviations, maximising profit margins.

NIR-Online ExProof solution

The BUCHI NIR-Online® ExProof solution gives rise to uncritical operation in potentially explosive environments. This process analyser is constantly over-pressurised, meaning penetration of flammable gases into the system is excluded at all times.

You can enjoy full installation flexibility, as additional explosion proof cabinets are not required.

In addition, BUCHI’s ExProof solution is compatible with the firm’s large process integration portfolio.

How do NIR-Online process analysers work?

NIR-Online process analysers rely on the a principle of operation. Light is constantly emitted from a tungsten halogen lamp on a sample. The diffusely reflected light from the sample is directed to a dispersive element (stationary grating) and the resulting spatially distributed monochromatic light is detected by means of a diode array usually consisting of 256 diodes.

Each diode collects the intensity of a certain wavelength range depending on its spatial position. These individual diode signals are commonly referred to as pixels.

Division of measured intensity (I) by intensity of a white reference spectrum (I0), as well as conversion of pixels to a wavelength scale results in a spectrum, I/I0 plotted against nm or cm-1.

Chemometric software predicts molecular properties of the sample from the measured spectra after according calibration.