Near-infrared (NIR) analysis offers rapid, affordable and precise results, enabling real-time decision making for enhanced quality and higher productivity.

BUCHI’s NIRSolutions™ support you in mastering your daily challenges from incoming goods inspection to finished product release.

ProxiMate – at-line NIR spectrometer that caters specifically to the food and feed industries

Key features include:

  • Fits any application thanks to ready-to-use pre-calibrations designed exclusively for the food and feed industries
  • Precise measurements of cheese, milk powder, minced meat and many more sample types independent of temperature or humidity fluctuations
  • IP66 ingress protection and compliant hygienic design
  • Intuitive system operation with a touchscreen interface
  • Flexible analysis of more samples types thanks to measurements from the top of the sample (down view) or from the bottom (up-view)

NIRFlex N-500unmatched wavelength precision for highly reproducible NIR analysis

Key features include:

  • Optimal resolution as crystal interferometer decreases interference effects by a factor of 10 to 20 compared to other technologies
  • Specialized measuring options for precise analysis of different sample types (such as solid, powder, granule, paste and liquid)
  • Continuous operation due to unique twin lamp safeguard
  • Simultaneous measurement of several parameters in seconds for extremely rapid process optimisation
  • Cost-efficient system with common spare parts and without the need for periodic re-calibration

NIRMaster – highly accurate Fourier-transfer NIR (FT-NIR) spectrometer for the food and feed industries

Key features include:

  • Maximal number of reliable reads thanks to vibration proof polarisation Fourier transform (FT) interferometer
  • Highest data accuracy through top wavelength precision from an internal laser system
  • Operation under harshest conditions with food-grade prolymethyl methacrylate (PPMA) or stainless-steel covers
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance due to hygienic design with certified dust protection
  • Uninterrupted operation thanks to innovative twin-lamp safeguard

NIRMaster Pro IP65 – one of the world’s first FT-NIR standalone spectrometers to meet the stringent safety and quality control requirements in food production

Key features include:

  • Highly reproducible results thanks to polarization FT technology that is resistant to mechanical disturbances
  • Maximal data accuracy thanks to top wavelength precision from an internal laser system
  • Certified hygienic design for complete dust and pressurised water jet protection (IP65)
  • Continuous operation thanks to twin-lamp safeguard system
  • Increased operational safety due to embedded industry standard PC and compatibility with IP65 monitors and keyboards

NIRWare – software for intuitive data management and exchange with full process traceability

Key features include:

  • User-friendly interfaces that are customizable to individual needs
  • Error-free data exchange of a wide range of data formats (such as MS Excel, Adobe Pdf, CSV, XML with automated LIMS module
  • Reduced risk of errors thanks to software identification of appropriate measuring cell for chosen method
  • Secure data exchange involving digital signatures and encryption
  • Comprehensive records of data and user activity

NIRCal – powerful chemometric software package for development of reliable NIR methods

Key features include:

  • Confident derivation of most appropriate calibration from a broad range of chemometric methods (PLC, PCR, MLR, SIMCA and cluster analysis)
  • Better prediction models thanks to flexible pretreatment of spectral information, evaluation of multiple criteria for outlier detection
  • Flexible integration of NIR data from any vendor
  • Faster method development due to patented automation ‘Calibration Wizard’ and rapid calculation of large data sets
  • User-friendly and interactive graphical visualisation of data