The Flavourtech Resin Adsorbing Column (RAC) allows producers of ‘0.0’ % abv beverages, such as wine, beer and cider, to recover and add back aroma derived from the original product. This allows for a more flavoursome product while avoiding the requirement to add, and potentially declare, external flavours on a product label.

When producing <0.5% v/v wine, beer and cider based beverages using Flavourtech’s Spinning Cone Column (SCC), aroma can be recovered from the original product and added back to the final product. However because the recovered flavour is alcoholic, this fraction cannot be used directly in the production of beverages at <0.05% v/v.

To recover the aroma compounds contained in the alcoholic SCC aroma, Flavourtech has developed the Resin Adsorbing Column (RAC). The RAC has at its core, the principles of adsorption and desorption and can be positioned downstream of the SCC when producing zero alcohol beverages.

The RAC ‘traps’ aroma compounds from the alcoholic condensate recovered using the SCC before recovering them as an aqueous solution that can be added back to the de-alcoholised base creating a flavoursome zero alcohol beverage without the need to add external flavours.