SATURNO COMPACT 3KW VAC is an industrial-saturated steam generator with integrated suction to be used for degreasing, sanitising and disinfection in the industrial, agri-food, transport and community sectors. Its characteristics include a body in stainless steel (AISI 304), and it is ready for use in less than 4 minutes, with a 1.5-hour autonomy with standard use.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply voltage 230V / 14A / 50Hz (others on request)
  • Power 3kW
  • Steam production 5kg/hours, 165°C in the boiler, pressure 8 bar
  • Temperature at the nozzle 120°C
  • Water/detergent tank capacity 5 lt / 5 lt
  • No water indicator – yes
  • Detergent mixture adjustment – yes
  • Standard handle length 4m
  • Electric cable length 8m
  • Empty weight/Dimensions 40kg / 74cm x 38cm x H97 cm
  • Suction motor power 1,2kW
  • Suction depression 23kPA
  • Vacuum filter for water – yes
  • Vacuum cleaner category wet & dry
  • Markings and certifications CE