SATURNO SPECIAL 2 is a heavy-duty professional saturated steam 18 kW generator aimed
for industrial, food processing, collectivities cleaning, degreasing, sanitising and disinfecting. Its characteristics include:

  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) body
  • Prepared for surface treatments (phosphate coating, passivation, etc.)
  • Two electronically controlled boilers of 9 kW each
  • Six functions selectable from the grip handle
  • Adjustable detergent mixture
  • Three phases vacuum socket, low tension on the control hand (12V) and low-tension control panel (24V)
  • Starts in less than 4mn, four hours autonomy in standard use
  • 12 bar of pressure, 188°C in the boiler
  • Steam temperature at the nozzle: 150° C
  • Steam production: 30 kg/hour
  • Note: Available with integrated vacuum 1,200W, 30l tank, powered by the steam generator and activated from the digital six-function handle

Functions are selectable from the grip handle.
1) steam only
2) steam + detergent
3) steam + water
4) steam + detergent + vacuum
5) steam + vacuum
6) vacuum

Technical specifications

  • Power supply 400V / 28A / 50Hz (other on request)
  • Power 18kW
  • Steam production 30 kg/hour, 188°C in the boiler, 12 bar of pressure
  • Temperature at the nozzle 150°C
  • Water tank capacity 100l, four hours autonomy in standard use
  • Water consumption 30l/hours
  • Indicator for lack of water – yes
  • Detergent tank 10l
  • Indicator for lack of detergent – yes
  • Adjustable quantity of detergent – yes
  • Maximum hose length 12m
  • Electrical cable length 10m
  • Markings and certifications CE – PED – CSA
  • Weight 165kg
  • Dimensions (mm) L1270 x W750 x H1010
  • OPTIONS: Kit for continuous water filling – Kit for surface treatment (phosphating, passivation, etc.)