The features of the FatExtractor E-500 help perform quick, compliant fat extraction.
The system includes interchangeable glass assemblies for Soxhlet, Hot Extraction and Economic Continuous Extraction.

The Soxhlet set-up offers the fastest real Soxhlet process.
During the extraction, solvent drips through the sample, extracts the fat and fills the Soxhlet chamber up to the adjustable level sensor, triggering the magnetic valve to open.
Cycles are repeated until the set number of cycles or time is reached.
Soxhlet Large Sample Volume (LSV) expandable by 60% enables the direct extraction of low-fat samples.

The Hot Extraction (Randall) set-up offers the ultimate extraction speed.
During the extraction, the sample is immersed in boiling solvent.
The solvent level is reduced in the rinse step periodically with the drains.

The Economic Continuous Extraction (Twisselmann) offers high extraction efficiency with two-fold interaction between sample and solvent.

During the rinse step, the extraction valve is open.
An evaporated solvent is condensed and collected in the tank bottle.
Gentle drying of the extract is supported.
The freshly distilled solvent is collected in an easily accessible, detachable bottle.

A colour display enables intuitive use.
An app provides messages and real-time status reports.
Analyte protection sensor prevents the deterioration of heat sensitive analytes.