Palletising plays a crucial role in tertiary packaging and supply chain logistics for the food industry. It involves grouping and stacking food products on a pallet to facilitate their safe and efficient storage, handling, and transport as a unit load.

With the food and beverage industry subject to more stringent quality and safety standards, food processing companies are increasingly looking for optimised, custom-built robotic palletising solutions to ensure supply quality, reduce labour costs, increase production capacity to meet high-volume demands and stay competitive in the changing business landscape.

Finding the best food palletising and robotics solutions providers

Just Food has listed some of the leading food palletising and robotics solutions providers based on its intel, insights and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes providers of cost-effective, fully automatic plug-and-play solutions for palletising different types of food and beverage packaging such as carton boxes, crates, trays, cans, bags, buckets, and bottles.

The list also includes food robotics companies specialised in developing quick-to-install and easy-to-configure, integrated packaging, palletising, and conveyor systems that are optimised based on the food product type, plant capacity, production demands and manufacturing processes.

The information contained within the download document is useful for food process managers and engineers, food processing plant and warehouse managers, operations and quality executives, procurement officers, marketing executives, and any other individual involved in food product development, processing, packaging, storage, logistics and safety assurance.

The download contains detailed information on food palletising and robotics solutions providers and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

Types of food palletising solutions

Choosing an appropriate palletising solution helps food companies with optimised product storage and retrieval, higher loading and unloading throughput, increased product safety, reduced workflow and operating costs, and improved logistics.

Types of food palletising solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Fully automatic palletising solutions for plastic trays and boxes
  • Standard and open-box stacking
  • Automated palletising machines for plastic/metallic conical buckets
  • Palletising solutions for crates and shrink-wrapped trays
  • Stacking solutions for bags and sacks containing fine grains
  • Automated palletising machines for bottles and cans
  • Palletising solutions for barrels/drums
  • Collaborative robotic palletising
  • Layer formers and palletiser grippers
  • De-palletising services for the food processing industry, and
  • Spare parts, upgrades, and repairs for food palletising systems

Applications of robotics in the food industry

The use of food robotics and automation is gaining momentum in the food processing industry, which is characterised by a wider variety of products, packaging types and handling methods.

Food companies are increasingly adopting innovative robotic solutions in different food manufacturing, processing, and packaging applications to achieve quality control, increase productivity and supply chain efficiency, cut labour costs, improve product and workforce safety, maintain brand reputation, and maximise profitability.

Apart from packaging and palletising, robotics has many applications in the food industry, ranging from cutting meat and vegetables to collecting milk, stirring curd, and slicing cheese, and from cleaning, sorting, and blending raw materials to food preparation, product sorting, defect removal, decoration, and labelling.

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