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Custom Steel Belt Solutions for Food Processing Applications

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Steel belt

Berndorf Band Group specialises steel belt production, plant development and services for production processes, and conveyor belt systems for the food processing industry.

High-performance steel belts for food product manufacturers

Berndorf Band Group offers high-quality steel belts and tailored process solutions to manufacturers of baked goods and other food products.
The high-mechanical and thermal demands associated with production of baked goods and food require high-quality steel process belts in various compositions.
The company examines a customer’s requirements when selecting the appropriate belt material such as tensile strength, hardness, abrasion and corrosion-resistance and thermal expansion.
Steel belts can be used at both high and low temperatures, which benefits the baking and food industries as processes need to run smoothly, even at extreme temperatures.
The belts’ mechanical qualities make them stable, while the heat conductivity of steel also simplifies key production steps such as baking, cooling or freezing.
Perforated special steel belts ensure heat-resistance to support consistent drying processes for food products.

Carbon steel belts for the baking industry

Berndorf Band Group’s CARBO 13 carbon steel belts are suitable for applications in the baking industry.
Incorporating an elaborate heat treatment process, carbon steel ensures that belts have the necessary tensile strength and surface properties, and operate in temperatures of up to 400°C.
The dark surface of the special steel belts also stores heat, saving energy and guaranteeing consistent quality for baked goods.

Abrasion-resistant steel belts for food production

In the food industry, wet cleaning is an essential part of daily operations, so steel belts have to be especially corrosion-resistant.
The CARBO 32 material combines high flexural strength with resistance to abrasion, corrosion and deformation.
Premium steel belts from Berndorf are mainly used in the production of chocolate, coffee, cheese, pet food and meat.

Food hygiene standard-compliant steel belts

Berndorf steel belts meet stringent hygiene standards and are easy-to-clean.
The smooth, abrasion-resistant surface prevents fibres and fat residues from sticking to the belt, which reduces the amount of cleaning materials required, while saving time and money.

Conveyors for optimising food manufacturing processes

Berndorf Band Group supplies conveyor belt installations that are ideally suited for optimising customer-specific processes in the food and baking industries.
The conveyor has a welded, moulded tubular frame, and two pneumatic cylinders maintain belt tension.
The belt is tracked using a tensioning drum with an adjustable spindle or an additional integrated belt tracking roller for applications with axis spacing exceeding 13m.
Used in a range of production processes, Berndorf conveyors generate clear improvements in product quality and production output, combined with rapid and flexible service thanks to remote maintenance.

Terminals-enabled process control capabilities

As with the conveyor, terminals have a welded, moulded tubular frame. However, belt tension is maintained by two hydraulic cylinders.
Tracking is controlled by a tensioning drum, which is adjusted by the hydraulic cylinders, and an additional belt tracking roller.

Belt tracking components

Reliable belt tracking is a key factor in production processes. Temperature variations and high-pressure levels during daily operation can lead to unwanted belt movements.
To ensure optimum belt operation, depending on the operating temperature, guiding strips (vee-ropes) made of nitrile, natural rubber or spiral vee-ropes composed of special steel can be attached.
If necessary, additional retaining strips made from different rubber types can also be installed. In addition, Berndorf belt tensioning and tracking systems ensure precise and reliable tracking.
There are two different mechanisms available, which are the bernmatic® belt tensioning and tracking system, and the berntrack® tracking system for installations already with a tensioning device.
After an expert from the Berndorf Band Group has inspected the existing equipment to identify the system required, it can be installed within just a few weeks.

About Berndorf Band Group

Berndorf Band Group manufactures and installs a large number of components that support belt tracking and friction-free operation, which increases a belt’s lifetime and optimises processes.
The company also provides end-to-end service worldwide, from steel belt installation, repairs and belt and system inspection, to planning new installations and upgrading existing plant.
Bespoke solutions are developed in collaboration with the customer to meet any special requirements.

Press Releases

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    During each production step, all steel belts from Berndorf Band are run consistently between two drums. This results in straight belts with high-quality tracking, which means less downtime resulting from tracking problems and longer product life due to less belt damage. In addition, Berndorf Band's steel belts are flat and even, leading to improved product quality and less scrap.

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