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Belt Splicing and Maintenance Solutions for the Food Industry

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Flexco manufactures endless splicing and belt cleaning solutions for the food processing industry. The company is an industry leader in maximising belt conveyor productivity with products that set the industry’s highest standards for intuitive design, ease of installation and maintenance, and durability.

Minimising downtime with effective solutions

Food processing operations around the globe choose Flexco products for their endless splicing and belt cleaning needs.

Air-cooled endless splicing equipment

A major pain point for those who maintain their conveyor belts is that most are bulky and take a long time to set up and tear down.
Water-cooled presses rely on external components and a water source to be filled on site. That is what makes the Novitool® Aero® Press an endless splicing solution that surpasses the rest.

  • Fast cycle time: The Novitool Aero Press is able to complete a cycle in 7 to 12 minutes, which can save approximately 40 minutes every time a splice is needed.
  • Lightweight design: Portability is a key consideration when choosing a press. The Aero Press weighs nearly 60% less than conventional presses and comes with a portable rolling storage case.
  • Few external components: The Aero Press has built-in compressors and cooling systems, so the only extra component is a single, electrical cable. The quick setup and cleanup can save an additional 20 minutes off the total splice time.
  • Voltage versatility: The Novitool Aero Press can be used with 230V single phase, 230V three-phase, 400V three-phase +N, and 460V three-phase power sources by changing the power cord.
  • Air-cooling technology: The Aero Press has a press with a built-in, air-cooling system, eliminating waterborne safety and hygiene issues presented with traditional water-cooled presses.

Engineered light-duty belt cleaners

Carryback occurs when product travelling on the conveyor belt sticks to the underside of the belt instead of being removed by cleaning or falling off the belt.
When not managed appropriately, loss of product, excessive downtime, and cleanup costs are just some of the problems that occur. Less common, but as important is the possibility of product contamination or sizable fines resulting from regulatory non-compliance.
The FGP Food Grade Precleaner from Flexco is an engineered solution designed for ease of use, including quick disassembly (under a minute) for sanitisation. The FGP is crafted using only FDA-approved materials and is designed using only rounded interior angles to make sanitation easier with minimal crevices to harbour bacteria or other contaminants.
The FGP’s quick disassembly/reassembly helps reduce the time spent maintaining the belt, as well as the overall cost associated with it.
The FGP Precleaner from Flexco is engineered with a simple-to-adjust spring tensioning unit that ensures optimal blade-to-belt contact. In addition, the blade snaps off and back into place, reducing the time it takes to clean or replace the blade.

Certified equipment eases compliance

Employing certified equipment, such as the USDA-certified FGP Food Grade Precleaner from Flexco, can assist operations in reaching compliance with Food Safety Modernization Act regulations, which eases the regular inspection process and may reduce liability.

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